General Carpentry

Artisanworks is a Design / Build General Contracting outfit. While we specialize in Timber framing and custom woodworking, we also build traditionally from framing to finish. Small projects such as decks and outdoor furniture to full house framing. Here are a few examples.

Post and beam straw bale

We have been involved in 2 straw bale homes. Artisanworks framed this entire house with engineered timber and a robust sytem of threaded rod, turn buckles and beefy brackets to get the shear strength needed for this strawbale home. Incredibly fun!

Copper Clad Deck

This was a "spare no expense" deck for a local architect. Travertine tiles, clear vertical grained Douglas Fir and copper cladding.

Suttle Lake Pavilion

A simple structure using metal brackets and rough sawn timber overlooking Suttle Lake.

Scribing Technique

Artisanworks likes to encourage scribing posts to rocks. A dramatic and organic effect we have been doing for years.

Asian influenced fence.

Clients asked for an Asian feel with this fence as we followed the contour of the land.