Timber Frame Design

Artisanworks offers full design services from starting from scratch to final designs on a full custom home, to a backyard pavillion, or a unique piece of custom furniture.

 Having been the designer for another leading TF company, Randy did all of their work in Auto-CAD, a computer design program. After going out on his own, he realized that a connection was lost for him personally in the design process. These are handcrafted structures, built in an old traditional manner, so converting back to hand drawing was an obvious choice. He is  building the structure in his head as he draws, and puts his pencil on every square inch of the project before  starting the build process, which allows him to analyze up close every connection and detail. That benefits all involved, as we can catch and discuss minor inconveniences throughout the process, and really nail down what the end product should be.

Shop Drawings

Trained in Architectural and Mechanical drafting, Randy Rooker does all of our plans for timber frames, and furniture. A complete set of “shop drawings” are done for every project. Shop drawings are separate from the Architectural drawings (Exterior elevations, floor plans, etc.) done typically for every project. Shop drawings are the detailed drawings of the timber frame structure itself, including very accurate accounts of the joinery  (connections of each piece of timber to another), calculated angles and every elevation of each piece. They are necessary to build something of such complexity, or better yet, to safely build the project on paper before cutting into the timbers.

Incorporating into an Existing Structure

Artisanworks can also work with your architect and/or designer to incorporate a timber frame design into your new home, or even add a TF structure to an already designed home. A great way to get some timbers into a home where the budget doesn’t allow for a full timber frame structure, is to build a hybrid. That simply means that perhaps you may just want your great room, kitchen, or any part of your home to be timber framed, and not the whole thing. Many clients do just that, as you get alot of bang for your buck in doing, for example,  just a living room, dining room and kitchen where you spend most of your quality time.