Other Art Projects

Here are some projects I do out of my passion to just create art. Some fall into the lines of my everyday work, some are just for the whimsy. I hope you enjoy, and can have faith in me to create whatever you shall desire.

Beam carving

These clients were art collectors and wanted a "Northwest Style" sea eagle. We started with sketches, then I did 3 clay samples to determine our finished beam.

Beam carving

Finished carving from ground view. Reclaimed Doug Fir, hence all the black bolt holes in timber.

Motorcycle Hut

I designed and built this to park my motorcycles under. I went for a Northwest style/Gargoyle ridge beam carving to fend off evil doers and protect my bikes. I stained the structure ebony, keeping with a gothic theme.

Northwest style Raven

Interior view of Northwest style/gargoyle ravens head of motorcycle hut.


This is a work in progress. I've made the top from Port Orford Cedar which came from an estimated 800 year old tree, harvested from a local fire in Oregon. Honduran Mahogany sides and back, Bloodwood binding and herringbone trim and centerhole. Plan is to stain back and sides ebony, keeping very light top, with the red bloodwood. Again, going for a Northwest theme of sorts. Working on Mahogany neck currently.

Hawks Skull in pumice

I found the skull of a hawk in a tree branch sometime ago. I wanted to mount it on a sculpture I was doing and learned you are not allowed to own such a thing, and that the work could be easily confiscated and I could be fined. I got some pumice stone near where I found the skull and used the head as a model, and carved this head from the stone. A very easy stone to carve, using woodworking tools. I have since returned the skull to the tree and can still visit it when I please.


I used a burl I've been harboring for years to create this Urn. My lathe at the time was too small for the burl, and I'd promised to make this in just 3 days. I ended up mounting it on my drillpress with a big lag as my bit. I used a chainsaw blade on a grinder to roughly shape then rough sanding belts to fine tune. The base is removable and urn is hollowed out from the bottom to store the ashes.