Woodworking has been my main medium for over 30 years. Wood can be carved, sawed, turned into just about anything the imagination can conjure. It has an unrivaled beauty all on its own. I have been working wood in many forms for my entire life, although I rarely photograph my works. Here are some examples I have documented.

Surf Board Bench

This is a guitar players bench I built inspired by a local surfing legend living in my town. It is made of clear, reclaimed old growth cedar with mahogany. Mortise and tenon joinery. Ready to hang ten and jam on this very stable players bench.

Surfboard Bench

Custom paint, with mortise and tenon joinery. Gold pegs hold this bench together. 

Surfboard bench top

This bench top is old growth, clear cedar with mahogany stripes. This mahogany came from a local aircraft company who's engine parts come from South America on mahogany pallets. Go figure

Guitar Cabinet

This guitar cabinet was built with reclaimed, clear, old growth cedar. I used this tight grained wood to mimic a guitar top and bring warmth for acoustic guitar amplification. 

Guitar Cabinet Joinery

Here are the Guitar Cabinets hand cut dovetails. I used gold paint to accentuate the joinery.

Candle Box

This was a very early mortise and tenon piece of work out of cherry wood. Some steambending of sides and hand cut mortises. A wedding gift to a great friend, wishing them that " May You always have Light".

Gem Box

This is a box of Cedar and Mahogany. This client was into the Lord of the Rings stories, and this was her name in that language. Hand carved.

Guitar Bench

I did a series of guitar benches. I made them comfortable to sit on in several positions. I did guitar " binding " inlays of different options with guitar pic inlays catering to your guitar of choice.

Guitar/Piano Bench

This guitar bench is clear, old growth cedar. I did guitar binding inlays and guitar pic inlays to replicate a guitar top. Sorry for low quality pic.